How does the “Buy American Act” affect you as a manufacturer or supplier? On July 15, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order increasing how much domestic material must be included in products covered under the “Buy American Act”. The order increased the percentage of domestic material in iron and steel produced products to 96%. Even if your product is only one piece of the final product covered under this legislation, you will still have to certify that your components contain a minimum of 96% domestically produced iron or steel.

For instance, if you were to purchase stainless steel from Comet Metals to manufacture a product that eventually winds up under a government contract you will now be required to state the source of your material. The same rules will apply if you utilize a part manufactured by another company in your finished product or assembly.  

How do you ensure that you are compliant? By requesting that your COC or Certificate of Conformance include the COO or Country of Origin information on it at the time of your request for quote and on your purchase order. The “Buy American Act” was established to improve traceability within the US Government procurement process as well as promoting the growth of our economy, and Comet Metals is proud to help your company maintain its compliance and eligibility for these contracts.

These requirements went into effect on Jan 11, 2020, and the penalty for non-compliance can result in being disqualified from bidding on US Government contracts. For more information visit: