Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Aluminum Foil is used in an array of scientific applications. In critical vacuum laboratories, UHV Foil is the premier foil of choice. For example, inside of electron microscopes and other apparatus that requires ultra high vacuum, the foil must be ultra clean and of the highest purity.

Most recycled/reclaimed aluminum has some percentage of magnesium, hydrogen, etc. UHV aluminum is processed with additional purification steps that remove these impurities such as de-gassing in a vacuum furnace. It is considered a less expensive alternative to gold foil.

Comet Metals line of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Aluminum Foil is virtually free of contaminants and foreign particles. The foil is considered “A” wettable and completely free from oils normally found on other grades of aluminum foil.

Our UHV foil is produced on 1 5/16” plastic cores and wrapped in plastic to prevent foreign particles from penetrating the surface. Each UHV Aluminum Foil roll is then enclosed in a plastic dispenser box with a metal cutter bar for easy use. As a final protective measure, the entire box is then wrapped again in a clear film to prevent any contaminants from entering the box. This is of vital importance for those applications that require little or no contaminants infiltrating a production or clean room environment.

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Comet Metals UHV foil conforms to the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) designation B-479, specification 3.1.4 and 10.3.1. It is also certified to QQ-AA-1876 standards.

Available Gauges
• Standard thickness is .001 & .0015”
• Others upon Request

• Standard widths is 18” and 24”
• Others upon Request

• Standard Length is 500’ and 1000’ Rolls
• Others upon Request

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