Stainless Steel Foil Alloy 316 contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and 2-3% molybdenum. The addition of molybdenum increases both the corrosion resistance and the high-temperature strength of this alloy. The most outstanding advantage of this addition is the increase corrosion resistance to reducing acids and pitting or pin-hole corrosion. In general, the 316 alloy is known as the major all-around corrosion resistance austenitic stainless steel available. This non-magnetic, non-heat treatable alloy possesses excelling cold forming and drawing properties. It also is rated up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standard Specifications: AMS-5524, AMS-5507, ASTM A 167, QQS-766, MILS-5059

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AMS Spec Number:5524
ASTM Standards:A666
Finish:Standard Finishes
Temper:MOST Tempers
Thickness:0.001 to 0.032 in
Width:0.375 to 36 in
Carbon (C):0.08%
Chromium (Cr):17%
Manganese (Mn):2% (Max)
Molybdenum (Mo):2.5%
Nickel (Ni):12%
Nitrogen (N):-
Other Total:-
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: *8.9 Inches/inch/°F x 106
Density: **0.286 lbs./
Electrical Conductivity: ***444 % IACS
Elongation (1/2 Hard):6 (Min)
Elongation (1/4 Hard):10 (Min)
Elongation (3/4 Hard):3 (Min)
Elongation (Annealed): ✦40 (Min)
Elongation (Full Hard):1 (Min)
Modulus Of Elasticity: ⁑28 x 106 psi
Rockwell (1/2 Hard):B95
Rockwell (1/4 Hard):B95
Rockwell (Annealed): ↠B95
Tensile Strength (1/2 Hard)150 to 175 x 1000 psi
Tensile Strength (1/4 Hard)125 to 150 x 1000 psi
Tensile Strength (3/4 Hard)175 to 200 x 1000 psi
Tensile Strength (Annealed): ✧75 to 100 x 1000 psi
Tensile Strength (Full Hard):185 (Min) x 1000 psi
Thermal Conductivity: ♦9.3 BTU per sq.ft.per hr. per °F
Yield Strength (1/2 Hard)110 (Min) x 1000 psi
Yield Strength (1/4 Hard)75 (Min) x 1000 psi
Yield Strength (3/4 Hard)135 (Min) x 1000 psi
Yield Strength (Annealed): ↡30 (Min) x 1000 psi
Yield Strength (Full Hard):140 (Min) x 1000 psi
* Inches/inch/°F x 106 from 68°F to 572°F (20°C to 300°C)

** Lbs.per at 68°F (Annealed) ( x 27.68 gms./cu.Cm. at 20°C)

*** % IACS at 68°F (20°C) as annealed

✦ % in 2 inches

⁑ x 106 PSI, tension

↠ 0.020 gauge and above (30T scale)

✧ x 1000 psi

♦ 9.4 BTU per sq.ft.per hr. per °F

↡ 0.2% offset