The use of aluminum hair foil in salons is a critical component in the proper execution of many services, including color services such as highlighting or lowlighting. For most stylists, their preferred option is the trusty pop-up sheet. Pop-up sheets are great, they are cost-effective and easy to manipulate but they do have some downfalls.

First, you are limited by the size of the sheet, which is not always the size you require. Second, they are quite a time-consuming endeavor when doing a significant amount of hair. Enter the hair foil roll.

This customizable, 5-inch wide, continuous roll of aluminum foil is a game-changer. What you gain in time and the quality of your work is well worth the expense of adding this to your station. A stylist’s time is so important in the beauty industry, as it dictates your pricing, total output, and overall customer satisfaction. Using the aluminum hair foil roll provides you flexibility, control, and that gift of time you sometimes desperately need.

As a hairstylist, I discovered how amazing the use of rolled hair foil is the very first time I used it. My client was booked for a highlight/lowlight service and she has very long thick hair. My ability to customize the length of the sheets to fit my client’s specific needs made all the difference. I finished the service much faster than I had expected. My love for this product grew each time I used it.

The .0007” aluminum foil from Comet Metals is a little heavier for certain processes where I need to combine strength and stability. The lighter gauge, .0005”, is perfect for finer hair, touch-ups, and nail services. I was able to book more clients per day, generate less waste, and increase my profits by making the switch. All thanks to a roll of aluminum hair foil from Comet Metals; or as I like to call it, the game-changer.