It seems like everyone is usually stuck indoors more during the first few months of the year, especially since most of us are feeling Old Man Winter’s wrath during this time.  If you are like me, then you take advantage of this time by cleaning and organizing your home.  Here are some tips to help you with that using our favorite metal aluminum. Use these recipes to add “Sparkle” back into your home with an ion exchange:

Silverware & Jewelry
Foil + 2 Teaspoons of Salt + 2 Teaspoons of Baking Soda= Bright Silverware

  • Line a dish with foil, add silverware and ingredients. Add HOT water until silverware is covered, soak, remove & rinse
  • Foil + bleach-free powdered laundry detergent = clean jewelry
  • Line a dish with foil, add water, jewelry, and detergent. Soak for 1 min, remove & rinse

Weekly Chores taking too long?

  • You can iron your clothes faster and more efficiently by lining the ironing board with aluminum foil and then placing the board cover over top.
  • Starch on an iron? Who needs that nonsense, just run your hot iron over a piece of foil!
  • Do chrome Faucets need a facelift? Rub foil that has been dipped in water on the chrome and buff out stains and pits.

Giving the inside of your home a facelift?

  • Try using foil to cover the knobs, handles & other areas that get drips on them when painting rooms and furniture.
  • Self-Stick tile “giving you lip?” How about “closing its mouth” by running a hot iron over a piece of foil, forcing the adhesive to stick to the floor again. (You’ll also be cleaning that starch of the iron-tip #2b.)