What is the makeup of a good salesperson?
According to dictionary.com, a salesperson is a person who sells goods, services, etc. While the old adage is true, at Comet Metals, we believe that our salespeople are much more. They are listeners, problem solvers, advocates, and eventually they may sell you something.

For example, what happens when your material is not produced commercially, completely unattainable, or would be far too expensive of an investment for the project? Our sales team can help you navigate alternative options while providing you with up to date data, specifications, and stock items that will be far more economical and readily available for your project.

Did you know a less expensive option is available most of the time? Keeping a customer informed and communicating all options is another sign of a good salesperson. It may not seem like a typical business-to-business relationship but your salesperson will be your advocate, partnering with our production and purchasing team to provide the material requested and as well as the next economical option. Whether it is the next price break, the economical yield of a master coil, or an alternative material we purchase in large volumes, a Comet salesperson will always provide a second, economical option when quoting your requirements.

Turnaround time can be critical, but accuracy is far more important. We realize that quotes are time-sensitive but making sure you get the right material is the most critical aspect of what we do. When we are requesting additional information regarding your material needs, it is so that our team, quotes, acknowledges, and produces exactly what you require. This ensures that the only reason you need to contact the salesperson after the order is to place the second order for your requirements.

We believe that in our industry, a salesperson should be a metal confidant, and thanks to the diverse background and knowledge within our team, a Comet Metals salesperson will be just that. In the end, our goal is to build a long-lasting partnership with you, our valued customer, for not just this order, but for all your requirements in the years to come.