Comet Copper Shielding Combatting All Your RFI Issues
Radio frequency interference (RFI) can be a real issue when it comes to the operation of electrical circuits, but it doesn’t have to be. Armed with the right shielding material, the unwanted side effects of this interference can be eliminated. That’s where Comet copper comes to the rescue. Let’s take a closer look at RFI and what Comet copper can do to rectify the problem.

What is RFI?
Short for radio frequency interference, in some circles RFI is also referred to as electromagnetic interference. Generally speaking, it is the disturbance that is encountered when an electrical circuit operates. The real problem arises when such a disturbance interrupts the circuit’s performance.

What kind of circuitry disturbances can result from RFI?
There are a wide swath of annoying side effects you might notice from radio frequency interference. According to the NASA article “Radio frequency interference at the geostationary orbit,” “These effects can range from a simple degradation of data to a total loss of data.” In today’s data-dependent world, no business can afford to take such risks. Copper shielding may, at first glance, look like an outlay of cash that might be better spent elsewhere. But over the long run, the peace of mind of knowing that your data is safe far outweighs the price tag.

How does RFI occur?
Both inside (electromagnetic induction) and outside (electromagnetic radiation) sources can result in radio frequency interference. Such interference can also arise from both natural and artificial sources. Electrical circuits, the sun and even the Northern Lights can produce RFI because of the rapidly changing electrical currents they carry.

Why is RFI such a nuisance?
You can’t turn anywhere these days without seeing electronic devices and computer equipment in action. RFI, in fact, can be traced to their prevalence. As the Copper Development Association Inc. explains, “All electronic and computer systems radiate certain frequencies of radio and magnetic waves. These signals can be received by special surveillance equipment, compromising the privacy of their source.”

What can be done about RFI?
Copper, copper, and more copper. We can’t stress enough how vital the right shielding material is. Shielding lessens radio frequency interference through the use of electrostatic field-blocking conductive or magnetic materials. More specifically, an enclosure or shield is built around a space to reduce the amount of electric or magnetic field being transmitted. This shield blocks static and non-static electrical fields from passing through the barrier.

Why is copper the RFI shielding material of choice?
In a nutshell, copper’s high electrical conductivity, combined with “its other physical properties, ductility, malleability, and ease of soldering,” is what makes copper “an ideal material for RF shielding,” the Copper Development Association points out.

Copper sheet, foil and coil from Comet Metals may prevent the unwanted byproducts that result from radio frequency interference. Contact us to learn more about how our copper can absorb both radio and magnetic waves, thereby offering you superior protection when it comes to safeguarding your sensitive and confidential information. If you’re a medical facility, test lab, security center or military facility, we’re especially interested in discussing how copper can provide RFI shielding specific to your unique situation.